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Title Partner

PRO.MED.CS is a leading Czech pharmaceutical company with its own human medicines research and development centre. PRO.MED.CS specializes in manufacturing tablets, coated tablets and capsules, with daily production exceeding two million units.

PRO.MED.CS’s 50 brands of medicines are sold on more than 30 markets. Our specialty is gastroenterology, with GIT medications accounting for more than half of sales. Other areas of focus are the cardiovascular system and CNS. The company’s portfolio primarily comprises prescription medicines.

PRO.MED.CS’s in-house research and development team and quality assessment system ensure that all medicinal products meet the highest standards of quality.

Dr. Bares Awards

Since 1993, PRO.MED.CS has been organizing a biannual competition for the best research papers in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. In 2005 the competition was named the Dr. Bares Award in honour of Dr. Rudolf Bares, the founder and long-serving CEO of PRO.MED.CS and a patron of gastroenterology.

Clinical Trial Collaborations

PRO.MED.CS is collaborating with University College London on a clinical trial studying the effects of Ambrosan in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The company has also joined forces with the University of Sheffield to run a clinical trial examining the effects of Ursosan in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Organization and Event Sponsorship

PRO.MED.CS is a long-term sponsor of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic. To facilitate exchanges of experience amongst experts from throughout Europe, the Russian Federation, and Central Asia, we fund and take active part in events that bring together researchers to discuss the latest medical findings. PRO.MED.CS regularly participates in United European Gastroenterology Week and organizes the International Symposium of Gastroenterology (ISG), a meeting focusing on sharing best practices and presenting recent advances and treatment methods in the field of gastroenterology since 1995.


Bronze Partner

International Medical Press (IMP) specializes in providing independent and accredited medical education activities funded through unrestricted educational grants. IMP has extensive experience in medical education, is backed by enduring relationships with faculty and provides strong scientific support across several therapy areas.

IMP is a founding partner of the Good CME Practice (gCMEp) Group that is committed to delivering patient-centred, balanced and effective medical education.



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